If there is one thing that life is known for, it is its never stable movements. There is no pre-set form that we could expect life to take at any point – no specific shape. The path through life could be bumpy at times when we are just beginning to rest in its smoothness. In truth, these bumps are not supposed to be a problem since they are just one of those things. The most delicate thing that can happen to us as human is not falling; instead it is choosing to stay down. Choosing to stay down is the hole through which the creepy fingers of depression begin to get hold.


  • Depression is a salvageable situation: Why many have continued to sink further into their depression is because they have been polluted with the notion that a depressed person is condemned to self-destruction. Even more, most of us that find ourselves in such situations are a victim of our short sightedness environments that tag depression along with some very horrible situation that could create a sense of hopelessness and panic if we let it. The uncorrupted truth is that depression is totally not an irreversible case. In fact, for those who get the right help, they come out even stronger and better.
  • Depression is not mood swing: Hiding from the truth does not mean it would cease to exist. So we have to really understand that choosing to classify depression alongside mood swing cannot in any way change the fact that there’s a bit more to it than that. Even, mood swing can sometimes be just one out of the manifestations of depression. But relax; it is not too bad to be remedied. It is not strictly female, the greatest lie that anyone could ever tell is that depression is a condition exclusive to the female gender. This is mere baseless statements, as it is medically proven that anybody can suffer from depression. Depression is neither sexist nor restricted by age.
  • Constant anger is a big sign: An ordinary Nigerian person, in the heat of work, home and whatever other engagements is likely at specific stages, to be provoked to anger. Although anger could be  just another normal part of everyday reactions, it could also become very significant when it is overly recurrent.
  • Low self-esteem: One of the most common causes of depression as proven by many medical experts is low level of self- esteem. What we think about ourselves is a strong decider as to how we act. When we don’t feel too good about any of our qualities, we become insecure and may take offence at any slight attempt by an outsider to touch that side of us. Recent investigations have revealed that the most depressing things that a woman hears everyday are those discouraging things that she says to herself when she feels like she isn’t doing enough.

TREATMENT OF DEPRESSION                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • See the best in you:This simply means that you should groom your mind to love itself. Once you are able to heighten your self-esteem, you become somewhat immune to depression. A word of uncertainty and fear that we say to ourselves matter sometimes more than a ton of insults thrown at us by others. Therefore, we must first investigate our minds and re-orientate ourselves as per how we perceive ourselves.
  • Anger Management:Well as we have indicated earlier, anger is a great fore-runner of depression. This means that anger management is something that is needed to revive a depressed mind. This can be done by making conscious effort to ensure that your anger never sprouts for unjust reasons. A well- managed anger level is equivalently a significant beat-down on depression.
  • Avoid isolation/dull moments:Unpleasant thoughts are more likely to show-up in your mind when you are all alone in your room thinking, than when you are out there making the most of your time. Going out and mixing up with people and engaging in normal day to day activities helps a lot to reduce the effects of depression. A depressed mind, when rubbed with a healthier one, is possible to draw strength and positive opinion from them. Along with this, it is required that you turn away dull moments by engaging in things that you know well to excite you. Such activities that delight you will help your mind heal well and fast.
  • Appreciate Yourself: The least you could do to appreciate yourself for the number of years well spent is to trust, love, and respect you. Refuse to, for any reason, sink into timidity at any point of your life. Give yourself a treat when you feel like you need one, and do not deny yourself the happiness that only you can supply. Also, do not entertain any thoughts of doing yourself any harm.

In the end, when life pushes us hard, it all depends on whether or not we choose to fight back. The fact remains that there is no shame in falling, the true shame lies in staying down. Our mind is our most valued assets as humans and whether or not it is in good condition is a deciding factor in every sphere of our lives. Doctors have also recommended that people suffering from depression must try to engage in physical exercises that will help them fortify their body.

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