Being Inspired

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Being Inspired

I came across this picture yesterday on twitter and immediately so many thoughts rushed to my head.

At first, I felt pity for the poor girl who goes to school and comes back in the evening to hawk.

Then I ventured to imagine what was going through the little girls head at the very moment that this image was captured. I immediately saw her in a different light, I see a girl that is focused and driven. I see a girl who is determined to succeed against all odds. I see a girl who knows no boundaries. Its little wonder why she was not shy to bring out her homework on the very busy Lagos road to do it under the illumination of car lights whilst selling groundnuts.

If you look at her closely, you’ll observe that she is ignorant of what is happening around her. At this point in time, she doesn’t seem interested in selling the groundnuts. Perhaps she believes that her future is not in selling groundnuts and understands that education is the key. She is focusing on a future which she plans to make different from her current situation. I immensely applaud the self-determination.

Self-determination is motivating one’s self to achieve goals or targets and consciously working towards success. Self-determination means believing you can control your own destiny. Self-determination is a combination of attitudes and abilities that lead people towards their chosen path. In life we all make choices that skill involves decision making but it takes another skill entirely to ensure that we walk towards our choices and that is where self-determination comes in. The fact that this girl seems to have mastered this skill at such a young age is quite remarkable and admirable.

In all her understanding, I also pondered the fact that this young girl does not understand the power of imagery that she has created or the innocent spoken message behind it. The art of the image in itself is beautiful. She is perfectly centred as the main focus of the image set against the night time Lagos sky, with her ground arranged behind her. I like the fact that we can also tell that this image has been taken by a driver who is in their car clearly stuck in traffic as the image is a perfect still shot. This still frame in time is so perfect it could have been staged, which is why I believe that the ripple effects of this image is so powerful.

This girl is exemplary and both young and old should learn from her. This little girl has certainly taught me a thing or two and I decided to share it.

Being determined doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. It comes from inner strength of character that you build to succeed in the manner you want to. To be self-determined, you have to first discover yourself, know what you want to be and achieve in life, identify what success means to you and set realistic goals that will lead you to achieving success in life.

It's best to have a combination of big goals and small goals so that you are constantly accomplishing things, which will boost your determination to keep going.

Are you feeling sad that the year is winding down without you achieving all you set out to achieve? Are you about to set a goal for yourself now? How determined are you? Can you take a look at the girl in the picture again? The picture will boost your determination the same way it boosted mine.

If this young girl can be self-determined then, you can.