Reviews and Comments

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Reviews and Comments

Reviews and Comments sections are the most interesting part of The Reviews and Comments Section is the interactive section of where people share their experience about a school they have attended or attending with others. This section has the vital and hidden information about schools hence; it is a-must-read section for everyone searching for school.

Why Reviews and Comments
People don’t buy car without checking reputation of the car dealership, reviews and ratings of the car. It is for the same reasons and more that we have the Reviews and Comments section.

  1.  To help people to make informed and right decisions.
  2.  To make people’s opinion about school’s count.
  3.  To enlighten people on the existing standard of education available in Nigeria.
  4.  To ultimately improve the standard of education in Nigeria to what is obtainable in civilized countries.

How to make Reviews and Comments
Here are five easy steps to take.
       1.   Click on
       2.   Search for the school you want to review and comment on.
       3.   Select the school and scroll down to the reviews and comment boxes.
       4.   After reviewing, click on ‘Submit’.
       5.   Then, add your comment at the end.

What's hot?
You could be the lucky winner of a Samsung Galaxy Tab by reviewing, commenting and rating your school(s).

Can’t find your school? Never mind. You only need to create an account with us then, add yours school and we  will be glad to publish it.