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Do you know anyone who has never got angry before? If you do then the only explanation is that the person has an abnormally rare condition. This is because getting angry is not just normal but also healthy. Just as it is okay to be happy, or sad, or anxious, it is okay to be angry. In its own right it qualifies as an emotion.

But why do people say “you need to control your anger?” Well, inasmuch as this feeling is normal, there is a need to control it. Anger is just like alcohol, giving it a ride is okay but allowing it to take the wheel is a really bad idea. Uncontrolled anger could lead to a lot of unfortunate incidents. Some inmates are billed to never walk on the outside because of this, suicide has been patronized, relationships broken, domestic violence turned to, etc.

How To Manage Anger

Take a break: Haven’t you noticed that whenever you get angry the tendency to make rash decisions is really high? You could say things that you later wish were not said, or do things you later regret. That is why it is a good therapy to excuse yourself and cool off. That way you get to mull over what has happened and you stand a better chance of handling the situation better. As I have said, springing into action may not be a good idea. You might say to yourself that it is easier said than done but all you require is self-control. Whenever someone annoys you don’t resort to hauling insults or calling names or fighting or breaking up; just take a walk.

Think first, then speak: Now that you have taken a walk, think. Don’t go off ruminating on what has just happened solely to plan a revenge, no. Analyse the situation: find out if you’re right or wrong, what caused the issue, think of a responsible way to address it, then go back to bury the hatchet. Sometimes, when you take a walk and really think about all that has happened, you may just discover that there’s no need to be angry in the first place. This is because sometimes we blow simple things out of proportion. Also, it is not every time that someone gets you angry that you walk away to think, you can think fast but carefully before you act on the spot.

Lighten the mood: Something has happened at the office, the atmosphere is tense, and you and your colleagues are angry for some reason. Whether you are angry at one another or your boss, it will only weigh you all down. It is okay to get angry but it is not if you stay angry. Besides, there’s only as much that you all can achieve in that state of mind. So what do you do? Lighten the mood. Whatever happened has happened. Allowing it to dictate your life shows weakness and ignorance. So whenever you feel angry, instead of staying angry or transferring your aggression to someone else, bring in humour and laugh it all away. For instance, if you meet someone at a dinner who says you look beautiful sarcastically, don’t cause a scene, just kill the anger by inviting humour.

Forgive: The major reason why some people stay angry even after a long period of time is owing to the lack of forgiveness. They carry such a feeling in their heart and whenever they meet the offender, it would seem as if the wrong was done the previous day. It should not be so. It would be unrealistic to ask anyone to forget a wrong but it isn’t in the area of forgiveness. Once you forgive someone, you let go of every fit of anger or revenge. You are at peace and would have won a significant battle. Go on, do what is divine, and anger would have no control over you.

Prepare your mind: Lastly, you must prepare your mind for the harsh realities of life. Once you understand that many things that happen and will happen are bound to get you angry and moved to act rashly, you would be able to curtail it before it gets too far. So far as the tendency for man to betray, abuse, fight, bribe, cheat and do all sorts of negative things is there, you cannot escape being a victim but you can escape being a victim of anger. Simply put, prepare your mind for it and you won’t fall prey to it.

Uncontrolled anger has its consequences, it is our hope that you manage your anger using the tips above to avoid regrettable events consequences.