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We keep your personal information secured and we do not sell or pass on your details to a third party.

We get our data from the Ministry of Education of each state. They provide a list of all registered schools in their respective state. The information we have is accurate as of the time of registration with the government. Also, users of the site are free to add any school to the directory if they are registered.

Most times, if you are unable to find the school you are looking for, it means that the school is not registered or we are yet to cover that area. You can add the school to our directory if you know the basic information such as the name, address, phone number and email address.

Yes, anyone that is registered can add school on

This is because there are three different types of listing any school can be.

  1. Basic listing- is the general listing of schools on the directory with just their basic information.
  2. Featured listing- makes your school stand out from others by having a dedicated space on our homepage. Schools in featured listing come up higher on searches in their category.
  3. Premium listing- is an add-on to basic listing. It enables you to enrich your school’s listing with more images, articles, achievements, school programmes/schedule and any other information you would like to share with prospective students. 

Add your school on our directory using these simple steps:

  1. After registration, login to 
  2. On the Side Menu, select ‘Add School’.
  3. Select the category of the school you want to add and click ‘Next’.
  4. Fill in the details of the school as required and submit.

No, once you submit, an administrator will review your listing just to make sure everything looks good before being approved. This should be done in less than five minutes. is here to eliminate the stress of walking into all the prospective schools you have in mind, by providing the basic details of every school such as their phone numbers and email address with which you can reach out to the school for further information.

One unique thing about is that you can see the ratings and read the reviews and comments on the schools. These ratings, reviews and comments are usually from past and present students and parents of the school who share their opinions and experience with others. The idea is for people to have other views about schools aside the words of the school administrators before making that important decision.

Yes, it is absolutely free to use. There are no charges for using the website in any way.

The convenience of searching for schools will not cost you anything!

Searching for schools on is quick, simple and convenient especially with our search tools which can help you filter your search using the following ways:

  1. Search by Category: Here, you can filter your search by Primary, Secondary or any other of the categories you are interested in.
  2. Search by Title/Location: For this one, you can filter your search by the name of the institutions you are looking for and the area it is located e.g. Corona School/Gbagada.
  3. Search by Location only: Here, you are expected to key in the name of the area you are interested in e.g. Lekki.
  4. Map Search: This search category is recommended if you are not familiar with the area. The Map Search tool will help you to list schools in the area and also show you their proximity to where you live.

These easy search tools makes searching for schools a seamless experience.

No, there is no need for that. You can comfortably search for schools without registering with us.  

Yes you can as soon as the administrator approves your listing and it appears on our website. At, we welcome Ratings, Reviews and Comments from both parents and students (past and current). We encourage you to share your experience and proudly let people know of your school’s competency. It helps users in making their choices.

To post your opinion on your school on simply:

-          Search for the school you want to Rate, Review and Comment on.

-          Select the school and scroll down to Rate and Review.

-          After reviewing, click on ‘Submit’.

-          Then, add your comment at the end and ‘Post’.

You can select ‘Also post on Facebook’ if you are logged-in to share your comments with your Facebook friends. This is useful so that friends who attended the same school can add theirs too.

Ratings, Reviews and Comments are among the interesting features of It helps prospective students by providing additional information and experiences that they will not otherwise get from school administrators. Other benefits include:

  1. Allowing people share their experience about their past and present schools.
  2. Helping people make informed decisions.
  3. To make people’s opinion about schools count.
  4. To enlighten people on the existing standard of learning in schools.
  5. To ultimately contribute towards improving the standard of education in Nigeria.

You are free to express your opinions about any school whether positive or negative. We want people to be as sincere as possible when rating, reviewing and commenting on schools. We give school administrators the opportunity to address any reviews, ratings or comments. 

The following are the key features of;

  • Top rated schools
  • Featured listing
  • Premium listing
  • Map and radius based search
  • Search by category, title and location
  • Ratings, reviews and comments
  • Social media integrated works by providing you all the information you need when searching for schools all in one place. We aim to make the process as easy and convenient as possible. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Search for schools by Category, Title, Location or with Map Search.
  2. Check the ratings as well as the reviews and comments on the school to know the experience of the parents and students (both past and current) of the school. This will help you to know the school’s competence level.
  3. Compare the ratings and reviews to that of other schools you are interested in.
  4. Take the contact details of the school(s) and reach out to them. is your companion when searching for a school.

Another interesting feature of is the Question & Answer Forum. If there is something you are struggling with, or have always wondered but don’t have the answer to, you can post the question on our questions & answers forum and let the schoolsearch community help you help. You can also earn some cool extra cash by helping to answer others questions. 

To ask a question in the forum, you firstly have to register or login with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

To register, select Questions from homepage and click on “Ask a Question”. Fill in the fields as required and register.

Once registered, an activation link will be sent to your email address. Then go to your email and click on the link which you have been sent to activate your account.

After this, login with your username and password and you can then post a question. 

In this forum, feel free to ask questions on anything you are struggling with, or have always wondered but don’t have the answer to. It could be school work, personal issues, health matters, business ideas, general lifestyle and other categories on the Questions Forum. You can post the question on the forum and let the Schoolsearch community help you. Be mindful of other users and keep your questions polite and clean. All questions will be moderated by the administrator. You can earn some extra cash by helping to answer others questions.

Once your question has been answered, you will get a notification via email to that effect. We advise you to also subscribe via email for notification. 

Once you are on the Questions page, on the right hand side, select the icon that says subscribe via email.

Fill in your email, name as well as the notification interval you prefer and subscribe.

It is important to note that you can update your subscription anytime you change your email address or you want to change your choice of notification interval.

It is absolutely free to ask and answer questions on the Questions Forum. It is also interesting to know that you earn badges and extra cool cash by giving valid and acceptable answers to questions. The more accepted answers you have, the more money you earn.

The badges and how to earn them are well explained in the forum. Look out for his icon   under “Looking for something” box. Click on the icon and you will see all the badges with their names and how to earn them. 

Avatar is your profile picture. To update it, look out for this icon, click on the drop down arrow to edit your profile which includes updating avatar, biography, social profiles etc.

No,  welcomes reviews from both students and parents/guardians (past and current).

No registration or login is required when searching for schools, But you will be required to register when reviewing schools or when you want to use our Questions & Answers section.

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