National Identity Number (NIN) – How to Register & Apply

How to Register & Apply for National Identity Number (NIN)
How to Register & Apply for National Identity Number (NIN)

The National Identification Number (NIN) is composed of 11 non-intelligible numbers that are randomly selected and allocated to an individual upon successful enrollment in the National Identity Database (NIDB).

Once a NIN has been assigned to an individual, it cannot be reassigned, shared, or used by any other person, thus ensuring its uniqueness.

In the event of an individual’s passing, their NIN is retired upon submission of a death certificate to the Commission, confirming the individual’s demise.

The NIN serves as a unique identifier, linking all records pertaining to an individual in the database and facilitating the establishment or verification of their identity.

All citizens and legal residents in Nigeria, regardless of age, are eligible to enroll for their NINs, starting from birth and continuing throughout their lives.

Why You Need Your NIN?

You have a phone number so people can contact you. Get your National Identification Number so people can IDENTIFY you.

The National Identification Number (NIN) is a distinctive identifier issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) upon enrollment. It serves as a lifelong unique identifier, facilitating the matching of individuals with their biometric data and other information stored in the National Identity Database during verification and authentication processes. Expectedly, the NIN is poised to become the primary means of identity verification for various transactions in Nigeria, making it essential for all citizens and residents.

  • obtaining your National e-ID card
  • travel (international passport application & acquisition)
  • opening personal bank accounts
  • getting your driver’s license
  • obtaining your Permanent Voters’ Card
  • participating in the National Health Insurance Scheme
  • payment of your taxes
  • transactions related to your contributory pension scheme
  • access to welfare and other relevant services from the Nigerian Government
  • transactions with social security implications
  • land transactions subject to the Land Use Act
  • any other transactions NIMC may so prescribe and list in the Federal Government Gazette

The NIMC is actively involved in the harmonization and integration of data with diverse agencies throughout Nigeria, which handle the services mentioned above. This collaborative effort aims to streamline and coordinate activities seamlessly, ensuring efficient delivery of services to citizens and residents across the country.

How do I enroll for NIN?

NIN Enrolment involves recording an individual’s demographic data and capturing ten (10) fingerprints, a head-to-shoulder facial picture, and a digital signature. These details are cross-checked against existing data in the National Identity Database to ensure there are no duplicate entries.

It is essential to apply on the NIMC Pre-Enrolment Portal and adhere to the outlined process for obtaining your National Identification Number (NIN).

For those who need assistance with the Enrolment Form, visiting the Enrolment Centre is recommended. Here, a Support Officer will provide guidance to ensure the Enrolment Form is accurately filled out with all the necessary information.

Supporting Documents

Visit the nearest NIMC Enrolment Centre and bring along your BVN if available. Additionally, ensure you have any of the following original and valid supporting documents:

  1. Old National ID Card
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Voter’s card (Temporary or Permanent)
  4. Nigerian International passport
  5. Certificate of Origin
  6. Attestation letter from a prominent ruler in your community
  7. Birth certificate
  8. Declaration of age
  9. Attestation letter from religious/traditional leader
  10. NHIS ID card
  11. Government staff ID card
  12. Registered/recognized private organization staff ID card
  13. School ID Card (private/public)
  14. Tax Clearance certificate
  15. Valid immigration documents

Step 1:

Fill up the pre-enrolment form online, download and print Pre Enrolment Slip.

  • Fill the NIMC Pre Enrolment online form by visiting Pre Enrolment Portal.
  • All the mandatory fields need to be completely filled with correct information.
  • Download and print your Pre Enrolment Slip

Step 2:

Submit Your Application

  • Walk into the nearest NIMC Registration Centre with any one of the following Original and Valid supporting documents.
  • At Enrolment Center, you will be directed to a counter where our Enrolment Officer will verify the presence and compliance of all details of your application.
  • If your application is in order, the Enrolment officer will guide you to proceed with the capture of biometrics (ten fingerprints and facial image). You will collect the Transaction ID Slip as evidence of the transaction.

Note :

  • For applicants who cannot read or write, it’s necessary to be accompanied by a literate individual who can assist with form filling.
  • Similarly, minor applicants should be accompanied by their parents or guardians for form filling.
  • Minors should bring along an original and valid birth certificate, as well as the NIN slip of one of their Nigerian parents or guardians.

Step 3:

NIN issuance

  • The typical timeframe for the issuance of the National Identification Number (NIN) Slip is 2 to 3 working days from the date of capturing biometric details at enrolment centers.
  • However, in some cases, the validation of details at NIMC may prolong the process, extending the time required. VFS does not have the authority to expedite such cases.
  • Applicants should retain the Transaction ID Slip carefully, as it is necessary for collecting the NIN Slip upon completion of enrolment.