Enter the LSS Essay Competition 2024 at AAUA: Addressing Generational Corruption

Enter the LSS Essay Competition 2024 at AAUA
Enter the LSS Essay Competition 2024 at AAUA

The Law Students Society of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko (LSS AAUA) is excited to unveil the LSS Essay Competition for 2024. Organized by the Office of the Librarian of LSS AAUA, this competition aims to encourage critical thinking and scholarly discourse among law students. Participants are invited to delve into the pressing challenges confronting Nigeria today, fostering intellectual engagement and the exploration of innovative solutions.

📝 Topic “Blessed Yet Impoverished: Generational Corruption in Nigeria”
📊 Word Count 1000-1500 Words
📄 Format Times New Roman, 12, 1.5 Line Spacing
👥 Eligibility Law Students’ Society Members AAUA
🏆 Prizes 1st: N20,000; 2nd: N15,000; 3rd: N10,000
📧 Submit To [email protected]
📅 Deadline April 04, 2024
🎓 For AAUA Law Students

Fostering Intellectual Exploration Through Scholarly Dialogue

This year, the competition delves into the persistent issue of generational corruption in Nigeria, inviting participants to explore innovative solutions. Through the theme “Blessed Yet Impoverished: How can Nigeria solve its generational corruption issues?”, the competition aims to uncover fresh perspectives and pragmatic approaches to combating corruption that has hindered the nation’s development for decades.

Competition Details

  • Topic: Blessed Yet Impoverished: How can Nigeria solve its generational corruption issues?
  • Word Count: Entries must be between 1000-1500 words.
  • Format Requirements: Submissions should be in Times New Roman font, size 12, with 1.5 line spacing to ensure readability and a professional presentation.
  • Eligibility: This opportunity is exclusively available to members of the Law Students’ Society AAUA, fostering a sense of community and intellectual growth within the society.

Prizes to be won

The LSS Essay Competition not only offers a platform for intellectual engagement but also presents enticing rewards for the top submissions:

  • First Place: N20,000
  • Second Place: N15,000
  • Third Place: N10,000

These prizes serve as a motivation for students to articulate their insights and contribute to meaningful discourse on corruption in Nigeria.

Submission Guidelines

Participants are required to submit their essays via email to [email protected], adhering to the specified format and word count guidelines.

  • Deadline for Submissions: All essays must be submitted by April 4, 2024, ensuring participants have ample time to research, draft, and refine their submissions.


The LSS Essay Competition marks a noteworthy initiative in involving young legal intellects in discussions concerning Nigeria’s socio-economic challenges, especially generational corruption. By creating a platform for expression, debate, and inventive ideas, LSS AAUA encourages its members to actively contribute to the national discourse, potentially shaping the future trajectory of governance and ethical standards in Nigeria.

Embrace this chance to demonstrate your analytical prowess, creativity, and commitment to social change. Make your voice resonate and, in doing so, potentially lay the groundwork for innovative solutions to one of Nigeria’s persistent challenges. Your essay has the power to initiate a broader conversation on eliminating corruption, contributing to the improvement of future generations.