FUWUKARI Academic Calendar 2023/2024: Important Dates & Events

FUWUKARI Academic Calendar 2023/2024: Important Dates & Events
FUWUKARI Academic Calendar 2023/2024: Important Dates & Events

The Federal University, Wukari (FUWUKARI), has published its sanctioned academic calendar for the 2023/2024 academic session. This comprehensive timetable delineates the crucial dates and events for students, guaranteeing that everyone is adequately prepared for the forthcoming academic year.

🏫 Resumption 16th May 2024
πŸ“ Registration 16th May – 11th June 2024
πŸ“š Lectures Start 27th May 2024
πŸ“ CAI 24th – 29th June 2024
πŸ“ CAII 29th July – 3rd August 2024
πŸŽ“ Matriculation 17th August 2024
πŸ“† Exams 9th – 28th September 2024
πŸ›Œ Semester Break 30th September – 26th October 2024

FUWUKARI First Semester: Important Dates and Activities

Resumption and Registration

  • Thursday, 16th May 2024: Both returning and new students are expected to arrive on campus.
  • Thursday, 16th May 2024 – Tuesday, 11th June 2024: Registration period for all students spans four weeks.

Commencement of Lectures

  • Monday, 27th May 2024 – Friday, 30th August 2024: Lectures will be conducted over a period of 14 weeks.

Continuous Assessments

  • Continuous Assessment I (CAI):
    • Monday, 24th June 2024 – Saturday, 29th June 2024: This week is dedicated to the first round of continuous assessments.
  • Continuous Assessment II (CAII):
    • Monday, 29th July 2024 – Saturday, 3rd August 2024: The second round of continuous assessments takes place.

Special Events

  • Saturday, 17th August 2024 (Tentative): Matriculation ceremony for new students.
  • Saturday, 7th September 2024: SIWES (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme) orientation will be held.

Revision and Examination Period

  • Monday, 2nd September 2024 – Saturday, 7th September 2024: A week reserved for revision.
  • Monday, 9th September 2024 – Saturday, 28th September 2024: Examination period spanning three weeks.

Semester Break and SIWES

  • Monday, 30th September 2024 – Saturday, 26th October 2024: First semester break lasting four weeks.
  • Monday, 28th October 2024 – Sunday, 27th April 2025: SIWES duration is six months.

FUWUKARI Second Semester: Key Dates and Events

Resumption and Lectures

  • Sunday, 27th October 2024: Students return to campus for the second semester.
  • Monday, 28th October 2024 – Saturday, 21st December 2024: Lectures will be held over eight weeks.

Christmas Break

  • Monday, 23rd December 2024 – Thursday, 2nd January 2025: A ten-day Christmas break for all students.

Resumption of Lectures and Revision Week

  • Friday, 3rd January 2025 – Saturday, 15th February 2025: Lectures resume for six weeks.
  • Monday, 17th February 2025 – Saturday, 22nd February 2025: A week dedicated to revision.

Examination and Long Vacation

  • Monday, 24th February 2025 – Saturday, 15th March 2025: Examination period covering three weeks.
  • Monday, 17th March 2025 – Saturday, 26th April 2025: Long vacation for students, lasting six weeks.

Commencement of 2024/2025 Academic Session

  • Sunday, 27th April 2025: Students return for the first semester of the 2024/2025 academic session.

Regular Meetings

  • Senate Meetings: Held on the last Thursday of every month.
  • Deans and Directors’ Meetings: Scheduled for the last Wednesday of each month.
  • Departmental Board Meetings: Conducted in the first week of every month.

This extensive academic calendar ensures that both students and staff of FUWUKARI are well-informed and can effectively plan for a successful academic year. Stay informed by regularly monitoring official university announcements and adhering to the provided schedule.