UNIJOS 2022/2023 Exam Guidelines: Pay Your Fees & Print Exam Cards

UNIJOS 2022/2023 Exam Guidelines: Pay Your Fees & Print Exam Cards
UNIJOS 2022/2023 Exam Guidelines: Pay Your Fees & Print Exam Cards

The University of Jos (UNIJOS) has announced that the second semester examinations for the 2022/2023 academic session will start on Monday, 20th May 2024. As you prepare for these important assessments, it’s essential to follow the exam guidelines outlined below to ensure a smooth examination process.

🗓️ Exam Start Date 20th May 2024
💰 Payment Status Must be paid in full to write exams
🖨️ Print Exam Card From your Dashboard after full payment
💵 Part Payment Synchronize with Faculty Finance Officer (FFO)
📝 50% Payment Through REMITA for those unable to pay in full
📜 REMITA Receipt Required at the exam hall, verify via QR
❌ No Payment No exam entry without full school charges paid
📄 Documents Needed Remita Receipt, School Charges Receipt, Exam Card

Key Exam Guidelines for UNIJOS Students

Payment of School Charges

  1. Full Payment Requirement: In accordance with the Senate’s decision, students who have not paid their school charges in full will not be allowed to sit for the examinations.
  2. Printing Examination Cards: If you have paid your full school charges, log in to your dashboard to print your examination card. This card is essential for gaining entry into the examination hall.
  3. Synchronization of Part Payments: If you have made a partial payment, ensure that your payment is synchronized with your Faculty Finance Officer (FFO). After synchronization, complete the remaining balance payment through your dashboard.
  4. Full Payment for New Payments: If you have not yet made any payment, you must pay the full school charges via your dashboard before you can sit for the exams.

Part Payment Option

  1. 50% Part Payment: If you cannot afford to pay the full fees but can manage a 50% payment, please approach your Faculty Finance Officer (FFO) with a clear explanation of your circumstances and a commitment to settle the balance after the exams. The partial payment should be processed through the University REMITA Account (UNIVERSITY OF JOS – 1000113) in the following manner:
    • Visit Remita.
    • Select “Pay TSA and States” and then “FGN: Federal Government of Nigeria”.
    • For the payment recipient, type “University of Jos”.
    • Choose “Undergraduate Outstanding Fees” as the purpose.
    • Fill in the required details and submit to generate an RRR.
    • Pay via your preferred channel (Card, USSD, or Bank branch).
    • Print your REMITA receipt and bring it to the examination hall. Note that all REMITA receipts will be verified through QR codes on the REMITA portal.
  2. Result Release Contingency: Students who make part payments and are allowed to write the exams will not have their results released until they complete the full payment of school charges.

Verification and Documentation

  • Ensure to verify your payment status with your Faculty Finance Officer.
  • Print hard copies of your REMITA receipt, school charges receipt, and examination card.
  • Bring these documents to the examination hall as they are mandatory for entry.

Strict Adherence

  • All students must note that without payment of school charges, you will not be permitted to participate in the second-semester examinations.

Getting Ready for Your Examinations

These guidelines are established to promote fairness and organization throughout the examination process. It’s crucial to fulfill all required payments and paperwork ahead of time to prevent any last-minute complications. Your attentiveness in adhering to these directives will guarantee a seamless and hassle-free examination period.

Stay updated by routinely monitoring your dashboard and keeping in touch with your Faculty Finance Officer. Best wishes for your preparations and exams!