NOUN Graduation Full Comprehensive List 2024

NOUN Graduation Full Comprehensive List 2024
NOUN Graduation Full Comprehensive List 2024

The administrative authority of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has released its comprehensive list of graduates for the year 2024. This publicly accessible list is designed to meticulously document all relevant details for each graduating student. Graduates are urged to promptly report any discrepancies in the data to ensure the accuracy of the database.

🎓 Graduation List Comprehensive graduation list for 2024 has been published by NOUN management
📝 Report Issues Graduates are to report any discrepancies in the list
🔠 Name Details Clarifications required for initials and names
🏢 Study Centre Corrections are needed if the Study Centre has been wrongly captured
🎫 Matric. Number In case of inaccuracies, provide the correct matriculation number
📑 Faculties List includes students from arts, sciences, health sciences, social sciences, education, law and management sciences
📬 Submission Corrections to be clearly stated and forwarded to the Office of the Director

Important Instructions for Graduates on the List

If you find your name on the list, the university has provided specific instructions to verify the accuracy of the details recorded. These guidelines are as follows:

  1. Full Name Requirement: Individuals who have initials in their names must provide the full spelling of those names.
  2. Name Limitation: Utilizing more than three names is strictly prohibited. Graduates who have listed four names must amend this to include only their preferred three full names.
  3. Name Correction: Graduates who notice that their names have been incorrectly recorded should furnish the correct version.
  4. Study Centre Correction: If the listed Study Centre is not accurate, graduates must supply the correct information.
  5. Matriculation Number Correction: Any discrepancies with the matriculation number must be clarified with the correct information.

All modifications must be meticulously detailed and submitted to the Office of the Director for official documentation and updating.

Components of the NOUN Graduation List

The finalized NOUN graduation list encompasses students who have completed their courses satisfactorily and met all academic requirements stipulated by the university. It encompasses graduates from various faculties such as Arts, Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Education, Law, and Management Sciences, among others.

Accessing the Official 2024 Graduation List

To confirm your graduation status and ensure the accuracy of your information, kindly consult the official graduation lists provided below:

NOUN 2024 Comprehensive Graduation List (PDF 8MB)


Inclusion in the graduation list marks a significant milestone in one’s academic journey at the National Open University of Nigeria. Therefore, it’s essential to verify the accuracy of your personal and academic details on this list to facilitate a smooth graduation process. Taking proactive steps can help prevent any potential complications during this important phase of your academic career.