2023 WAEC May/June Results Statistics Shows Over 79% Pass

2023 WAEC May/June Results Statistics Shows Over 79% Pass
2023 WAEC May/June Results Statistics Shows Over 79% Pass

The recent announcement by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) regarding the release of the results for the highly anticipated 2023 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) has sparked discussions and enthusiasm among students, parents, and educators. This revelation, made public on Monday in Lagos, signifies a significant milestone in the academic journey of countless individuals across the region.

ūüď£¬†Announcement WAEC has released 2023 WASSCE results.
ūüď欆Location Results announced in Lagos by Patrick Areghan.
ūüď䬆Processed Results 91.5% (1,476,565 candidates) results fully processed and released.
‚ĚƬ†Pending Results 8.5% (137,168 candidates) awaiting further processing.
‚Ź≥¬†Resolution Plan Speedy resolution for pending results in the next couple of days.
✅ Pass Rate 84.38% (1,361,608 candidates) passed in five subjects or more.
ūüďö¬†Key Subjects 79.81% (1,287,920 candidates) passed in five subjects including English & Maths.
‚ö†ÔłŹ¬†Withheld Results 16.29% (262,803 candidates) results held due to examination malpractice.

Overview of the WAEC Results

Patrick Areghan, WAEC’s Head of Nigeria’s Office, meticulously provided an overview of the results. Out of the total of 1,613,733 candidates that took part in the examination, 1,476,565 candidates, a substantial 91.5%, have had their results fully processed and released.

Nevertheless, a portion of the candidates, totaling 137,168 or 8.5% of the total, are experiencing delays in the processing of their results. These delays are attributed to several factors, including incomplete CASS upload, disregard for examination guidelines, and a lackadaisical approach by both the schools and the affected candidates.

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The Promise of Resolution

Despite these delays, the WAEC leadership has assured stakeholders that they are actively working to resolve the issues promptly. They have pledged to expedite the processing of results for all affected candidates and ensure that they receive their results in the coming days.

Improvement in Pass Rate

The 2023 examination cycle marked an uptick in the success rate. A remarkable 1,361,608 candidates, which translates to 84.38%, obtained credit and above in a minimum of five subjects with or without the English Language or Mathematics. Furthermore, candidates numbering 1,287,920, or 79.81% of the total candidates, also achieved credits and above in a minimum of five subjects, including English Language and Mathematics.

A Reduction in Malpractice

On the issue of examination malpractice, WAEC hinted that the results of 262,803 candidates, or 16.29% of the total candidates, are being withheld. This figure is significant but shows a decrease of 6.54% compared to the 22.83% recorded in the WASSCE for School Candidates in 2022.


The unveiling of the 2023 WASSCE results signifies more than just statistical data; it symbolizes the culmination of diligent efforts, unwavering commitment, and harmonious collaboration among students, educators, and the examination authority. The notable rise in the pass rate and the decline in instances of malpractice convey a hopeful message for the trajectory of education in the West African region.

Candidates are advised to reach out to their respective schools or visit the official WAEC website to access their individual results. Additionally, those affected by the delay can rest assured that the issue is being addressed with utmost urgency.

The enhancement in the overall performance marks a positive trend, underscoring the commitment and resilience of the education system in West Africa. It represents progress, inspiring optimism and trust among students, educators, and the entire community.